Why do babies wake up crying?


This is one of the topics that many mothers frequently ask me, telling us their concerns and worries regarding whether this is usual or not. So, I decided to write this post based on my own experience and some things that I was able to investigate during the process of breeding. I hope you can clarify your concerns and get the necessary information through this post.

Many times, like all the mothers who write to me, I asked myself the same question, my biggest concern was, if this was something normal or if something was not right, my uncertainty made me investigate a lot about it.

Well then, during my research I could find some things that helped me to get answers. Basically, the sleep stages on babies are very different from those of adults, since their sleep is much lighter.

Sleep takes place through transitional cycles starting with light sleep, then deep sleep and aftet that REM sleep. In this transition period from one cycle to another, it is natural for children to wake up and many times they do it crying before the needs they may present, being a behavior manifested more in the first months of life as part of the evolutionary process and the development of babies. They little by little are naturally adapting to more specific horaries, depending on his home customs.

When waking up amid the different sleep phases, benefits are generated that allow them to transmit their immediate needs through crying, expressing what they want such as a diaper change, if they are hungry, need affection or the manifestation of something that is making them uncomfortable. These emotional reactions are normal manifestations, being a means of expression and communication that facilitates the alertness in parents before any danger.

Should I assist the baby when he cries?

One afternoon when I was sitting telling my mother some things that I did not understand about whether I should let my baby cry when he wakes up in the early morning or in the middle of the night, she explained to me that although there are myths that children should not be assisted when they cry at night and that they should be allowed to cry to get used to it. Moreover
that they should not be picked up or taken out of the crib because it can affect their behavior. Letting them cry for hours is sending them an incorrect message of indifference to what they ask for, they may perceive it as a lack of affection, increasing emotional dependence on parents as a reaction to the need for care, extending for more months the adaptation to specific horaries and increasing the emotional needs of the baby

During the first months, it is difficult for babies to understand like adults do, when it is day or night or when they should sleep or not. They only sleep when they need it and that’s it. In order to get an habit or a horary adjustment, you must have a lot of patience. As you get to know them, it will be easier to identify the reason why they cry. If it is not for hunger, they can be calmed down on their cradle with small pats, caresses on the back, words that encourage them to calm down and feel that they are with him, helping them to sleep again.

It is only about patience since these types of behaviors change according to the capacity of assimilation of their biological clock with the established sleep horaries. So, there is no reason to worry about the crying of babies when they wake up. They are only reactions by instinct in front of some needs and feeling alone.