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Strategies to De-Breast Children!

the bottle that has a positive impact on their emotional development because it gives them security and tranquility, so it is not convenient to remove it from one day to the next

How to remove gas from my baby?

Being a mother is not easy, questions and doubts always come about how we should do certain things or if what we do we do correctly or not, for this reason I always rely on my mother, she makes everything easier

How to remove the diaper from children. Mom mode !!

The first thing is to understand that this process must be done calmly and without any pressure, previously stimulating them so that they naturally feel the need to leave their diaper.

Guidelines for raising confident kids

Communicating with love is the main key that allows to develop self-love in children, parents must correct the way they validate their own emotions because these are often transmitted to our children

Teaching to ask forgiveness sincerely

It has happened to me many times that I have tried to teach my son the importance of asking for forgiveness, I believe that this action can generate many changes

Mom Help me control my emotions!

Accepting behaviors in our children that are not appropriate for us is often difficult and sometimes even impossible to deal with.

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