How do I build my children confidence?

Speak to them with love:

Communicate with love is the key that allows children to develop self-love. Parents must amend the way they validate their own emotions because they are often transmitted to our children in a negative way. When there is anger many things can be told and may affect them. One thing is to be firm in the orders given and another thing is not to communicate properly what we feel. These children will learn and they repeat it when they communicate with others. Pls. remember that everything they hear from you, they will assume it as truth and it will play an important part in the develop of his self-love

Avoid Criticize them:

Correction is important in our children; but, when we constantly criticize them because of their actions, it will only damage their self-esteem. That´s why correction should never be accompanied with criticism or judgements or labels that might alter or affect children´s character. it is better to correct with love and discipline emphasizing the positive things in order to reinforce their qualities and then to correct the bad actions.

Avoid criticizing children

It will allow them to distinguish what is correct and what is not. If they are always scolded, they will be so confused that sometimes they will not know how to act.

Accept the independence of your children:

Independence is a vital part to develop their confidence and security. It is important to give them spaces where they promote their autonomy. Doing new things independently gives them a sense of accomplishment and control, developing new skills and strategies to apply to whatever action they take and thus make it easier and more practical for them.

Teach him to overcome obstacles:

You do not always win and they will understand it little by little. But, they can also be taught that it is worth persisting and doing those things they want despite all the obstacles that may appear and that may be difficult to overcome. Motivating them to achieve what they propose to do encourages self-esteem and ensures that they can achieve their goals and whatever they set out to do.