Feeling your baby’s body next to yours, reliving the union that took place in the womb, may be one of the most pleasant things that can be experienced; you feel how you become part of what has been gestated in you, inside you, through touch or smell. And this experience is one of the main benefits of carrying.

Just when the second child of one of my best friends was born, I wanted to give her a porterage: something more than necessary. Specifically, I bought him a Jyoko porting, a new brand from Barcelona. Thanks to this type of product, one can reunite with the baby emotionally, regain that feeling of unity. And, it is that, a porting, is one of the best purchases if what you are looking for and want is to retake that bond with the baby. Next, I will tell you a little more in relation to the portages.

What are the benefits of using Porteo?

The benefits produced by the use of porting are not only at the affiliate level, but also have advantages for parents who decide to use it. And now I will explain them to you in two parts: first, the benefits it brings to the baby, and then those concerning the parents.

Benefits of Porting in the baby

Carrying not only helps and has emotional and bonding benefits for the baby, but also offers advantages in terms of comfort and practicality for day-to-day life. At the same time, it helps to alleviate the evident dependency that babies feel in their first months of life. Some of the most important points are that:

  • It reduces the crying of the baby, especially when he is hungry, since the breast can be easily and comfortably fed. In addition, crying due to lack of emotional security, a sense of protection or calm in the baby, is alleviated thanks to continuous contact with the mother. In such a way, that crying, especially during the day, is diminished, since they feel calmer and, to a certain extent, a very good self-esteem is promoted.
  • In relation to the above, carrying the baby, always, together with the parents, reinforces the secure attachment and strengthens the parental-filial bonds.

Benefits of Porting for parents

Regarding carriers and their benefits for parents, we also find various factors that make the carrier a very good acquisition, if not necessary, since it offers multiple advantages. Among them is, fundamentally, practicality and comfort for daily duties, since it allows to give the support and contact that the baby needs daily, without the need to put tasks aside: you can mitigate the need on both sides thanks to the use of carrying: yours and the baby’s. And, like it or not, these elements make motherhood much more bearable and less exhausting.

In addition, continuous contact with the baby helps in the oxytocin secretion process, making milk production easy; Likewise, carrying is a super comfortable tool to use when breastfeeding the baby, both for him and for you. Now I will explain a little more about the proper position, both for the baby and for you, when placing the baby.

Proper baby position during carrying

When I gave the carry to my friend, I wanted to make it clear to her the importance of the baby’s position within the carry, as she will spend a lot of time in it. The baby’s back should not be in a position that forces and affects posterior areas such as the lumbar, since it can cause pain and discomfort. Another element to consider are the legs. These should be flexed, remembering the fetal position in which it was in the maternal uterus. In carrying, the legs must protrude from it on their sides, thus achieving the well-known “frog position”.

Baby carrier support

Depending on the age of the baby, the support in relation to carrying must be one or the other. Specifically, the elements that must be taken into account at this point are size and weighing. To know what support they should have and how to place them in the portages, we will take the age of the babies as a reference.

  • Newly borns: They must be held up to the head. The baby’s head should be on the wearer’s chest.
  • From 3 to 8 months: Must be held up to the neck
  • From 8 months onwards: Must be held up to the shoulders

I invite you to try this magnificent experience. There is nothing better than being close to them, and for them to be close to us!