White noise, Why does it relax babies?

ruido blanco

Many parents are distressed when they cannot calm their babies and use different techniques to pacify the crying and put them to sleep, one of these techniques is white noise, but why does it have the power to calm babies?

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Scientists have proven that white noise, being in the same wave frequency, can generate a calming effect on the baby’s brain, in turn this noise masks the other sounds that can alter the little one, and being constant and in the same tone, prevents babies from being startled leading to a state of calm that induces sleep.

According to different studies, it is evidenced that white noise is quite similar to what the baby hears while in the womb, so it takes him to a familiar environment to listen to it, giving him an almost sedative effect.

While there are many gadgets that emulate these noises, at home you can have them by turning on the vacuum cleaner, the hair dryer, the hood of the kitchen or put some TV channel that is not tuned, on Youtube there are hundreds of channels that also emulate this type of noise.

The white noise then puts the baby in a kind of sound isolation that is also made up of noises that he hears in his daily life, so it does not cause major negative effects. What is important to watch is not to generate some type of dependency of our little ones to this type of calming effect because it can be complicated at bedtime if we do not have them at hand to free access, that is when the remedy of white noise can hinder the baby’s sleep by making it dependent.

Although white noise is a good tool, it will never replace having good sleep habits and hygiene for our little one, although it helps, it is important to provide a comfortable rest for the baby. Try to check his temperature, the temperature of the room, that it is dry and clean, that he is not hungry, that there are no things that disturb his sleep time.

Always make sure that the white noise does not exceed 50 decibels, and that the audio source is at least one and a half meters away from the baby’s crib. The sound of the sea, rain, are also white noises that serve to calm babies, you can download applications that have these sounds and use them to relax the baby.