Congratulations, you have passed the entire birthing process; and the time has come to go home, but this time with a cute baby in her arms. Now there is only one thing left, which will give you one of the greatest happiness: meeting and spending time with the baby. Finally! Learn how everything will be from the baby’s first day at home.

From the baby’s first day at home, the difficult thing will be to face the arduous task of educating and caring for the baby. There may be many questions about what to do and what not to do these days when your baby needs so much love and attention. Therefore, we bring some tools that can be very useful when facing this great challenge.

How to handle the situation at home

The main thing is to fully enjoy this stage with the baby. And, therefore, it is important to take into account the following points:

  • Delegate: although sometimes you want to do everything on your own, it must be recognized that on many occasions help is required. For this reason, when it comes to doing housework, the option of relying on a family member or friend should not be ruled out. Perhaps, at first, seeing that things are not done the way you want can be annoying or uncomfortable, but it should be borne in mind that the priority is the baby.
  • Rest when the baby sleeps: from the baby’s first day at home, the days will turn out to be hard work, so it is important, and even more so for the mother, that they have moments of rest. The best option is to take advantage of the child’s rest moments so that the parents can also rest. This will bring benefits in relation to the predisposition to carry out house duties in a more relaxed way and avoid discouragement when caring for the baby. And, consequently, for the mother, this will help her to have a good milk production, which leads to a good feeding of the child.
  • Plan household chores: if parents have a daily planning, they will achieve a greater awareness of the time they have available, which will give them the possibility of complementing themselves with the care of the baby, thus reducing the exhaustion previously mentioned.
  • Have a good diet: food is a fundamental factor in relation to breastfeeding. Especially a good diet that emphasizes the importance of constant hydration will help improve optimal milk production.

Baby and mother care

  • Navel Healing: The navel healing process can last five to eight days. Something essential is to keep the area clean and dry, as this will facilitate the healing process; Therefore, what is recommended, during this time, is not to immerse the baby in water when bathing. Rather, it is advisable to wash it with a mild sponge and soap, taking special care that the navel does not get wet. On the contrary, if the baby is bathed, the navel area should be very well dried with sterile gauze.
  • Mother’s breast: performing gentle circular massages on the mother’s breast will help prevent mastitis and discomfort due to overload of breast milk.
  • The baby as a priority: it is normal that housework can be strenuous, but it must be borne in mind that the priority, and more so in the first days, is the baby. He, at this stage, needs a lot of physical and emotional contact, so: the baby will always be the most important thing at all times. Thus, on those occasions in which the situation, such as, for example, with respect to chores and household duties, becomes uphill, the important thing is to relax, and, if the moment allows it, ask for help from the most relatives so that they can do household chores.
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