Teaching children principles and values is very important, these will be the basis for them to grow emotionally and spiritually. But it is not as easy as it seems, sometimes our child needs to be corrected immediately.

Many parents when correcting their children, think that violence is the best solution, however, we must take into account that if the punishment is not done in the right way, far from bringing benefits, it could bring some problems later on.

It is important to know that punishment is not necessarily physical. Rather, it is a series of consequences that go hand in hand with the child’s response, so that it tends to diminish.

If you are here, it is because you surely want the best for your child and you want to correct him/her in the best way. Below, we will show you some of the mistakes you might be making when disciplining your child.

5 mistakes you could be making when punishing your child.

castigar niños

1. Losing patience easily:

Being dominated by anger is one of the mistakes that many parents make when reprimanding their children. It is normal to feel bad when faced with an act of rebellion. So it is important that calm always prevails, above all.

2.Using violence.

This is a point in which it is necessary to take conscience. Many parents think that the negative behavior of the child can only be corrected by means of violence. This is absolutely false, on the contrary, it will be giving a message to the children that violence is always the solution. This is not to mention that in many cases the child’s rights are violated.

3.Applying the same punishment over and over again.

When the same punishment is applied every time our children make a mistake. We could be exposed to lose authority. So, in a way, our punishment would serve no purpose.

4.To leave aside the feedback.

Punishing the child without offering an explanation about the punishment is a serious mistake. It is necessary to make the child see the consequences of his actions. All this is achieved through a conversation which leads to internalization and learning.

5.Executing a punishment that is difficult to comply with.

It is very normal that when your child makes a mistake, in the heat of the moment you use an excessively harsh punishment which is very difficult to comply with, so that later you have to change it. It is recommended to apply punishments which go according to the mistake made.

Always keep in mind that the punishment should never interfere with the physical or emotional integrity of your children. That is why when applying any type of punishment, always focus on forming a conscience in your children, not only that they comply with the rules.