Many times we do not know what to do with the excess energy of our children or we are worried about their lack of concentration or that they have problems socializing, and that is where extracurricular activities play an important role in the growth and formation of our children.

All this without taking into account that sometimes, as parents, we have limited time or we don’t have someone to stay at home to support us with our children, so extracurricular activities are an option to take advantage of those moments in the best way. Our children learn and at the same time enjoy something useful for them.

There are many studies that support the benefits of these activities, here are some of them:

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1.- They learn to manage their time and to organize themselves: this is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages for our little ones and it is the one that will prevail beyond the type of activity they practice. They will know how to prioritize their tasks and will understand the importance of doing everything at the right time.

2.- They will understand the importance of discipline: even if it is cold and the desire fails, discipline will take them far in the day to day. If they practice an activity with this in mind, they will value consistency over technique.

3.- Socializing will become easier and easier: he will understand the value of diversity and connecting with other children on a less competitive level than school, and fun will be a key element in this sense. In turn, he will be able to interact with adults and peers in a more playful context.

4.- They will value teamwork: they will realize that together they can go further and that being part of something bigger will give them comfort, shelter and support.

5.- They will have a lot of energy: they will be able to sleep more rested at nightfall and will avoid the adrenaline rush that little ones have when they are not doing anything more than just going to school.

6.- Improve their coordination and motor skills: no matter if it is in a sport or in a more artistic discipline such as painting or dance, they will be able to test their muscles, the way they make movements and the relationship of this with their eyes, hands and the rest of the body. He will also improve his speed, posture and response time to stimuli around him.

7.- They will find other ways to express themselves: they will understand that beyond words they can establish communication with different languages, this happens when they do some artistic discipline such as painting, sculpture, dance, creative writing, music -singinging or playing an instrument- as well as theater and acting.

However, it is important to give our children free and leisure time, because those moments of ‘boredom’ foster their creativity and imagination. It is also necessary for them to rest and relax, as always: everything in its right measure, balance is fundamental.

Finally, these activities have a positive impact, they will undoubtedly improve their self-esteem, self-confidence and your child will also appreciate the rewards they get from these practices.

At the schooling level it will reinforce their knowledge and will serve to better fix the lessons they learn in their conventional classes. And you as a parent will be sure that you have given him the necessary tools for a full and integral development.