All parents agree on one thing: “Send our young children to order his room, represents one of the most difficult challenges”. During the first years of life, it is essential to instill in children a good education about order, so during this stage the example is a key piece.

For many children order does not represent a priority, this is because most do not yet fully understand this concept.  But there are very useful strategies for your little one can perform these activities without any inconvenience.

Strategies for your small to order his room easily.

1. Have an assigned place for each item.

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Everything in its place. This is something that is very effective in the room of the smallest. When there is an established place for everything, children will be much more willing to put each of their favorite toys and objects in the right place.

2. Plenty of storage space.

Drawers, baskets, boxes or cabinets. If you want to provide more storage space for children’s toys or objects. These items prove to be very effective. Of course each of these storage spaces should be at the height of your child so that it is easier for them to access these containers.

You can also identify each container so the child can really know where each object goes and in case they can’t read, you can include symbols or pictures.

3. Establish a routine.

Design a cleaning routine that can work not only for your children but also for the family as a whole. This routine can include making their bed when they wake up, hanging up their backpack when they come home from daycare, and picking up each of their toys after playing with them.

4. Provide help if your child needs it.

Depending on the age of each child, you will need to provide help in setting up the activity. In the case of younger children, you can take advantage of the moment to tell some stories or play some games that encourage cleanliness. This will help you to promote values such as responsibility for each of their belongings.

5. Do not give rewards or bribes.

If what you want is to encourage independence in your child, as well as responsibility for the order in his room. You should not give rewards for it. But what you can do is to guide and motivate them during this process.

6. Organize the room from the bottom up.

Start organizing the room from the bottom up. Of course, always taking into account the child’s height. The most used toys and belongings can be placed on the floor or on the lower shelves. The higher shelves can be used for toys and belongings that are used less frequently.

Although it may seem like a small thing, teaching your little one simple actions such as putting their stories or toys in their place. These small actions are the key to your child’s ability to foster a good housekeeping habit later on.