How to remove the diaper from children. Mom mode !!

Back of a baby with a teddy bear

There are many theories regarding how to take off baby’s diaper; But this time, we have preferred to listen to mom’s way methods which can be of great help to you according to the experiences of each one of them. That is why, we wanted to ask some mothers about it and these have been their answers.

What do you think which is the best method to take off a baby’s diaper?

The first thing is to understand that this process has to be made calmly and without any pressure, stimulating them previously so that they feel the need to leave the diaper naturally, bearing in mind that this is a maturing process, where little by little They will show greater autonomy in carrying out their personal activities, such as choosing their clothes, wanting to take off their clothes on their own, eating and bathing with less help. This achievement of independence will help make potty training much easier, which requires a lot of patience and commitment.

How to know when are they ready?

-They themselves will show the moment to be ready, it is only to be aware of the small signs that they will show you. One of these signs is that they will no longer tolerate the diaper, they will show discomfort until they want to take it off, they will also show greater interest in accompanying mom and dad to pee.

-They wet the diaper only every three to four hours, which indicates that the bladder muscles can hold out for longer, being a great signal for the start of toilet training.

How to help him to control sphincters?

Control of sphincters in children

-Talking about it, helping them to know the bathroom, the toilet, teaching them what is pee and what is poop in the calmest way possible, without any stress nor pressure

-Putting potty chairs in each room or in any place in the house is a good way for him to become familiar, motivating him to sit down little by little although he does not do anything, it will help him to relate to each other and remove the fears when sitting.

-Getting to know the times when the baby is used to soil his diapper. It is in these moments when babies are taken to the toilette, maybe at the beginning, it is difficult for him; because it can block him and do absolutelly nothing; but slowly and with great patience he will get it.

-Give him liquids and water more often, this will make the baby more attentive to the sensation of going to the bathroom, reinforcing him with questions such as, do you want to pee? It will help him to remember that he has a special new place to relieve himself. But be careful, you should not generate any kind of pressure in this regard.

-Accompanying the baby while he is sitting with sounds or turning on the faucet of washstand, will allow him to associate the sound of water with that of pee.

-Be constant and precise in the horaries so that little by little they acquire the habit of sitting on the potty chair on their own and at the same time to get to know their body as well, managing to go with more independence.