How should I bathe my newborn baby?


Being a new mother is not easy and moreover because we have to assume tasks that we completely ignore. As a mother, I have to confess that my biggest challenge when my first baby was born it was the bathe. His fragility, to see him so tiny, made me worried a lot thinking about the possibility to hurt him, not to know the correct mode to do it; but, the practice that I got during the first month, helped me to get more security in this process. That´s why I would like to give you some recommendations that can be of great help and mainly if you are a mother for the first time.

Points that must be kept in mind to bathe the baby

-To start the bath, it has to be checked that baby´s bathing tub is not so full, the ideal is about 15cms depth, keeping in mind that water temperature has to be apropiated, at least 32 centigrade degrees, the best is to check it with an elbow or with a thermometer before putting the baby in the water.

-Personally, I liked to prepare the room´s environment at 22 centigrade degrees and close the windows an the door to keep warmth.

-Before starting the bathe, it is better to have everything on hand, the sponghe, baby´s soap, towel and a clean diapper.

-When immersing the baby, it should be done gradually with his back rest on the tub, it is better to support his head and neck with one hand, keeping him comfortable, making him enjoy his bath and to be relaxed.

-After gently pouring the baby into the water, soap the baby with a soft cloth or sponge, do not apply too much pressure to clean him and not by any means use too much soap.

-Wash the folds of the body and genitals very gently. In case of girls, it is important to clean the outer part of female genitals from front to back to avoid carrying traces of excrements to her vulva, washing the outer and inner lips well without pressing.