It is very normal that as soon as a pregnancy is announced, among other things, the pregnant woman is asked, “Do you have cravings? And it is very normal to associate certain types of cravings with pregnancy, out of the ordinary, at irregular hours, 1:30 in the morning, for example, and it has become more cultural than physical, one might say.

Cravings are usually indicative of a pregnancy in process or simply appear once it has been medically confirmed, the case is that these cravings are taken as a normal part of pregnancy.

Are cravings scientifically proven?

alimentación embarazo

Starting from the point that most treat this of cravings as a “feeding whim” various studies have been conducted and the variety of opinions is quite wide, but most agree on some points.

  • It is possibly a lack or deficiency in some type of vitamin in the pregnant woman’s body.
  • It may be related to hormonal changes.
  • It is subject to any variety of foods and mixture between them.
  • It is associated with the hypersensitivity that the pregnant woman acquires with respect to taste and smell, which can make her perceive odors and intensify flavors.

There are other factors involved.

Pregnancy means a lot of changes both physically and emotionally for the pregnant woman and other factors also come into play that can influence the named pregnancy cravings.

  1. The feeling of security is very important at this stage and one way to feel protected is to cover those cravings that however unlikely they may seem are being taken care of.
  2. Some of these cravings are associated with confirmation of the level of commitment, for example, the request for something that is expensive, or is asked for at an early hour in the morning, whoever responds to this request is highly committed to the pregnant woman.
  3. Demand for attention and affection, during pregnancy the star that shines the brightest is the mother until the day of birth is why every sign of affection she can receive is of utmost importance to her.

Anything goes… in moderation.

Many women take advantage of their pregnancy condition to eat everything they avoid eating for aesthetics and under the premise of “eating for two” now there are no limits and even less if it is given the title of craving.

There are myths that indicate that if a craving is not fulfilled, the baby may suffer the consequences, which is totally false. Just as it is false that you have to eat for two. Nature is wise and provides the fetus with the necessary nutritional requirements without killing the mother with malnutrition.

But eye you must keep in mind the following:

Your diet should be balanced, nutritious and in the right amounts, remember that it is better to eat small meals throughout the day than to binge on a single meal which triggers discomfort such as heartburn, indigestion, nausea and even vomiting.

  • Maintaining your ideal weight will help you at the time of delivery, it is normal to gain one kilo per month, doubling or tripling your weight during pregnancy.
  • When in doubt, it is best to consult your obstetrician.
  • Whether they are real or not, cravings have become an important part of pregnancy, enjoy it, let yourself be pampered, but do not overdo it, walk, maintain a healthy physical activity routine and stay well hydrated.