Summer is here and with it the vacations, and the question of many parents is: What do I do now with the little ones at home, I don’t know what to do with my children during the summer. Perhaps the answer to these concerns is to practice a sport to keep them active.

Nowadays the vast majority of children are immersed in the screens of cell phones, tablets, televisions or computers, making a sedentary lifestyle a daily routine, leaving aside with school obligations, the habit of being active during the day.

¿Why is sport important?

More than looking for an activity to keep them active and take them away from the different screens, it is important to be aware of the great value of practicing some sport because in addition to taking advantage of free time, the body will be exercising in a healthy way, thus benefiting the physical, social and emotional development of your child.

Recommended activities to practice in summer and their benefits.

There is a diversity of activities that your little ones can practice in summer in which besides enjoying and having fun, they will obtain great benefits to their health, among them are the following:

Soccer, volleyball, basketball: They encourage teamwork, develop endurance, coordination and speed, and teach respect for the opponent and the rules.

  • Swimming: Helps in the development of the child’s or adolescent’s psychomotor skills, increases balance and reflexes, and also strengthens self-confidence.

Combat sports: Karate, kung fu, or any of the various martial arts, are activities that channel the aggressiveness or hyperactivity of your child, develop flexibility, strength and balance, strengthen discipline, promote respect for others and provides security and confidence.

Functional Training: Promotes discipline, develops leadership skills, promotes teamwork and strengthens discipline and confidence.

Aerobic Activity: strengthens and tones muscles, invigorates the heart and respiratory system, increases the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all cells.

Other benefits of practicing a sport in summer.

The practice of a sport will always result in great benefits for your little ones, in addition to those already mentioned other benefits they bring to your children are:

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✔ They promote socialization and interaction with other children encouraging friendship among them.

✔ By practicing a sport, physical activity displaces video games, consoles, cell phones, computers and any type of screen, keeping children away from a sedentary lifestyle.

✔ It expands creativity.

✔ It helps develop the imagination.

✔ It improves self-esteem increasing the ability to face different daily situations.

✔ It increases the ability to concentrate.

✔ Helps to fall asleep better and allows to have a better rest.

✔ Reduces the probability of suffering from overweight, fights obesity and helps maintain the indicated weight for your age.

✔ Reduces the risk of diabetes.

✔ Improves heart health.

✔ Improves mood and decreases childhood depression.

✔ Relieves tension and reduces stress.

✔ Improves cognitive skills and improves school performance.

In short, summer sports practices bring great benefits to the little ones of the house, so it is worth inducing them to make the most of the summer time for the same, and why not, make it a regular practice throughout the year.