Do you know screaming children? have you ever been bothered by a child’s screaming? have you lost your patience? don’t know what to do? There are children who love to scream, others who don’t talk but scream. Some scream to get attention, to show their frustration or anger.

Things you should not do when faced with the screams of your little one.

  • Don’t lose your patience, remember that you are the adult.
  • Don’t yell at him, it’s not a power struggle, nor for who screams the loudest.
  • Don’t cover his mouth, that won’t make him stop screaming, on the contrary, he will scream even louder.
  • Don’t ignore it.
  • Don’t be aggressive.

What do I do to stop children from screaming in public?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that in general a child screams by imitation of adults or to show their emotions, in either case, it is a behavior that must be corrected and you must understand that the child is in the best stage to mold and correct that behavior in a positive way.

Pay attention to the child: Stop what you are doing and pay attention to the child and find out the reason for the screams, calmly and serenely ask key questions to find out the reason for the screams, first make sure that the child is not in a dangerous situation.

Put yourself at the height of your child: Bend down and put yourself at the height of your child and talk to him looking at his face at the same height, in that way and with that attitude you are showing your child that he is important to you and you will also make him feel cared for and appreciated.

Stay calm: In this situation it is important that you stay calm, do not despair, show your child serenity, speak in a low tone and that can relax and lower the child’s anxieties.

Sing to him: Yes, sing to him in a low tone. Hug him, get close to his ear and sing to him, this helps to calm the little one.

And after they calm down, what do I do?

As we already said, children scream repeating a pattern or demonstrating their emotions such as anger, If you already got him to stop screaming and he is already calm, you must define the reason why he is screaming and you must correct the attitude, since you cannot reinforce that behavior and for this we recommend the following:

  • Evaluate if he is repeating the pattern of an adult, make sure you correct and change that pattern. If you are the one who is molding that pattern in the child, evaluate yourself and consider making changes in the way you treat your little one and other people, remember that they will repeat what you do.
  • If your little ones are imitating patterns of other adults, talk to that adult and explain the impact it is having on the little one and if necessary then remove your little one from those adults.
  • Talk to your child and let them know that they can express themselves more effectively and efficiently without yelling.
  • If the child is acting out his or her emotions in a negative way, you are probably dealing with a strong-willed child and you need to know how to act wisely to correct that behavior without traumatizing or escalating the behavior.

Finally, whatever the reason for your child’s screaming, you must correct this behavior to avoid repeating it on future occasions, but in doing so take into account the following: When correcting him do not yell at him or humiliate him because you will be reinforcing the pattern of behavior, correct him in private, do not let what happened go unnoticed, speak to him firmly.