A high-risk pregnancy requires special attention, although it is true that pregnancy is not a disease and the pregnant woman should live her life normally, a high-risk pregnancy deserves all possible attention.

There are several causes for having a high-risk pregnancy, although not all the time are the norm, there are pregnancies that develop normally, despite age, health history, genetics and a lot of factors.

Caring for a high-risk pregnancy


It is important to pay attention to any unusual symptoms during pregnancy, but if you have already been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy these are some of our recommendations for pregnancy care.

  1. Attend prenatal consultations. It is of utmost importance that the pregnant woman does not skip any of the consultations, going to the obstetrician even when everything is going well guarantees an improvement in high-risk pregnancy.
  2. Having all the check-ups, taking the vitamins and taking the indicated rest helps your doctor to do his job without complications and guarantees fetal wellbeing.
  3. Eating a healthy diet in the right amounts and always taking care to maintain a stable weight that does not exceed the normal weight limits during pregnancy will bring you great benefits, especially at the time of labor.
  4. Stay away from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, as well as limiting the consumption of salt and sugar.
  5. Avoid anything that may harm or contribute to increase the risk of pregnancy.

Additional care to follow

It is also of utmost importance to have an established planning, although emergencies do not warn when they are going to arrive, the best thing to do in the face of unforeseen events is planning, here are some tips to help you:

  • Lean on someone you trust who can frequently be aware of calling you, besides your partner it is important that someone else can be close by.
  • Make a list of emergency phone numbers, include your doctor or the health care center where you should be transferred to in case of any unforeseen event.
  • Keep your doctor informed of any warning signs and go immediately for consultation.
  • Prepare in advance the suitcase you are going to take to the delivery room, keep it in a visible place and do not forget any detail of it.
  • Take as much rest as possible, allow others to help with the housework and think that your job is to rest.
  • Keep a constant check on your blood pressure, glycemia and any warning symptoms.
  • If you had not taken it into account, go back to rest, you need to rest if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

All these recommendations are basic, it will be your doctor who will make the necessary recommendations with greater precision in your case, following them to the letter is the guarantee that everything will go excellently well, you are a brave woman and if you got this far we hope these recommendations will help you.