Some things are very easy, others not so easy and there are some things that seem quite difficult when it comes to our children. We always worry about whether we are doing things the right way, we strive as parents to do what is best for our children.

Waking up a child definitely begins at bedtime, and nothing is more difficult than getting a child to wake up as we have been led to believe in the movies, smiling, radiant, well groomed and in a splendid mood, nothing could be further from the truth.

And why do we say that a good awakening begins at night?

Because it is necessary that children meet certain requirements for a joyful awakening, we bring you the necessary tips to help you in this difficult but not impossible task.

It all starts before 9 pm.

If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that sleep routines work, a good bedtime routine provides security to the little one. The ideal time to go to bed is at 9 p.m., so preparing your little one for it involves routines of:

✔ Eating dinner early.

✔ Taking a relaxing shower.

✔ Brushing teeth

✔ Reading a story

✔ Turn down the lights and volume of any device.

A good sleep, will guarantee that your little one will rest and therefore it will not be very difficult to wake them up the next day, therefore we recommend you:

  1. Do not wake them up in a hurry, if they have to leave for school, daycare or any other commitment, do not turn your rush into theirs. Leave everything prepared, wake up with enough time to allow them to take their time and fulfill their own routines when they wake up.
  • Don’t turn on the lights all of a sudden and don’t yell at them, it doesn’t only bother or scare children, it would bother any human being.
  • Filling them with kisses and soft cuddles makes a difference. It has been proven that children who wake up this way feel less upset when it is time to wake up. Talk to them about their day, employ morning greeting routines, and saying good morning will really cheer them up.
  • Help them get out of bed and do their personal grooming routines. It is very important to create healthy habits that allow them to develop their personality.

Repeat every day, what brings stability to a little one who is growing is to know that there are key moments throughout the day when he knows what to do, so repeating these routines every day will ensure your child an important physical and mental well-being.

Do not forget that it will not be forever, but whenever you can wake up your little one in the best possible way, their day will be calmer, they will gradually adjust and it will result in comfort for you, in the long run they will be the ones who wake you up with kisses.

Enjoy this time, as they say, “you will be a parent all your life, but they will be children only once”.