Something that excites kids are crafts, they are never so happy as when they have in their hands paper, scissors, glue and they can let their imagination run wild and crafts bring out the best in kids and develop in them skills that you can’t even imagine.

For many parents, arts and crafts are synonymous of a big mess, but no mess compares to the skill and fun that kids get, they will be hours of entertainment, healthy distraction and moments that they will treasure in their memories. Nowadays there are many options, rubber, cardboard, crepe paper, plasticine, in short, there are no limits to the imagination.

Did you know that stress management, decision making and even self-esteem are linked to the ability to make crafts? We tell you how it affects or has a positive impact on making crafts for our children.

Some of the benefits of arts and crafts.

  1. They develop fine motor skills: which is very important because they will develop the ability to make small but firm movements, whether it is cutting along the line, gluing in a small place, drawing on the line or painting without leaving the line, the fact is that this is essential for the psychomotor development of the child.
  • They achieve greater concentration: it is very difficult to get a child to remain in a state of stillness and concentration, this is achieved with crafts, they develop such concentration that this helps them to self-regulate and control their natural need to be in constant movement.
  • They learn to work as a team: waiting their turn to use scissors, borrowing a crayon, asking for help, are skills that are achieved through teamwork, this is something that children need to learn, especially at the beginning of school.
  • Manage their emotions through crafts: you can experience joy, frustration, sadness, and capture it in a craft, plus these emotions can feel while they are working on their craft and this helps them to channel them.
  • It strengthens the memory, they work on planning and solve problems: it may not seem like it, but yes, all this is achieved with crafts.

Besides, that you could discover talents, hobbies up to the vocation of their lives, nothing wiser than putting scissors in the hands of a little one and of course accompanying them in the process, you encourage countless qualities in them, you achieve some goals that as parents we wish for the little ones such as, for example:

  • We move them away from screens, the less screens the more creativity, the more healthy distraction, the more interactive education.
  • We teach them the importance of recycling.
  • We encourage creativity and they develop their imagination.
  • You enjoy your children while they still want to do activities with you.

Don’t be afraid of crafts, even if you as parents are not very good at it, any material will do, the time is chosen together and the memories for your kids will be the best creation. Think that you are enhancing the skills in your kids, end the boredom once and for all, there are plenty of crafts, materials and moments, but childhood is only one.