Pregnancy is a decisive moment for the mother to create bonds with the child she is carrying in her womb. That is why all the emotions, worries and joys directly influence the baby’s development, all this through the hormones that are secreted during this period.

It is more than proven that all the emotions that a mother experiences during all the months of pregnancy have a significant effect on the baby, whether they are negative or positive emotions.

Join me to learn a little more about this interesting topic.

During pregnancy women live a hormonal whirlwind

During the pregnancy period, it can be said that women are capable of living an intense hormonal whirlwind, which undoubtedly affects their emotions.  That is why a pregnant woman may experience sudden mood swings in addition to being sensitive most of the time.

In addition to this, there are all the worries about the pregnancy going smoothly and ending successfully, so fear, anxiety and restlessness are part of everyday life for many women.

Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally during pregnancy is important

Knowing that the baby’s health depends on the emotional stability of the mother, taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is very important. It’s no secret that during this period it is impossible to avoid negative emotions; fears, anxiety, disappointments and uncertainty are all out of hand.

But something you can work on is to take care of the environment and the atmosphere that surrounds the mother-to-be. Helping to avoid negative or stressful situations that may affect the emotional health of the pregnant woman is a team effort, both of the spouse and of family and friends. Remember that the health and proper development of the fetus will depend on this.

How do negative emotions during pregnancy affect the baby’s development?

The continuous stress experienced by mothers during pregnancy can negatively affect the baby. Being continually exposed to these situations can lead to premature delivery. This can bring countless complications to the baby, even though there are now very advanced techniques to prevent this from happening.

But moments of peace and joy also have a positive influence on the baby’s health.

If lived as fully and satisfactorily as possible, this will be of great benefit to both the mother-to-be and the baby.

Every mother wants her baby to be born strong and healthy, let’s help her!