How many moms during pregnancy dream of going to bed imagining a night of rest and tranquility, but in the end they find the most difficult moment, where to find the most comfortable position, it ends up being the priority of the night.

This definitely makes us realize that there is nothing more embarrassing than trying to sleep at night while pregnant! That face up or on the side … but there is no comfort at all. When the tummy is very large, usually in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is normal to feel greater weight, which makes some positions can become uncomfortable, in addition to not being very favorable for the mother or the baby and as a mother always thinks for two: once for herself and once for her little one. It is normal to ask yourself, what are the appropriate postures for a good rest and that also benefit the baby?

Recommended postures:

-According to medical suggestions, the recommended position is to lie on the left side, since this position facilitates blood flow and allows adequate postural stability, favoring the supply of blood to the placenta, allowing greater fluidity of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Likewise, it allows the mother to have a good digestion avoiding the famous reflux that tends to be very frequent especially in the last trimester of pregnancy. This posture is recommended as long as the shoulders and hips are kept in the same direction, so that the muscles are relaxed and the spine is not affected.

You can also adopt the Sims pose, which consists of lying on the left side with the back straight, with the right leg bent towards the chest at an angle less than 90 ° supported on a cushion, while the left leg is extended.

Never face up.

Within this process, postural habits that do not help with the health or well-being of the mother must be changed, for example, sleeping on the back is not a very healthy position since the weight of the baby in the uterus, puts pressure, hurting some organs, also affecting the lower back and hips. Belly pressure affects blood flow and puts pressure on the bladder, so this position is not recommended for sleeping.

Tips to rest all night:

1. Do not use too high or too low pillows, make sure that the cervicals are well supported and that the chin is straight. (Not too high, not too low).

2. Many times you cannot fall asleep either, due to swelling in the feet caused by fluid retention or poor circulation. It is recommended to elevate the feet with high cushions to allow better circulation in this area and greater rest in the feet, this should be done before sleeping, since it is recommended that, when falling asleep, the body is straight. 

3. The cushions are key to a good rest and help to unload the weight improving the body position while sleeping.

  • The first cushion to use is one that is firm and can be placed in the middle of the legs, this in order to prevent the weight of one leg from falling on the other.
  • Another, which can be placed under the belly, to avoid distension of the uterine ligaments.
  • Another, to support the back and incorporate the trunk and another optional in the chest to help balance the weight of the belly a little.
  • There are giant maternity cushions like Janabebe’s that allow greater support throughout the body, this will be the best option, since it replaces the use of several cushions, giving greater well-being and rest.
  • Now yes. To sleep as she had always dreamed of! Happy and pleasant rest.