It seems that nowadays the concept of “attention deficit” or better known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is fashionable, although this type of behavior has been observed for many years.

Attention deficit hinders some processes in children, especially learning processes.

It has always been said or talked about children who are labeled as:

● Distractible

● Restless

● Lazy


Nowadays the matter is treated very seriously, many children attend therapy because they have been diagnosed with ADHD. And is that it could be defined as follows “is a chronic condition that affects millions of children”, it is possible that in some cases this continues into adulthood and includes persistent problems mainly difficulty maintaining attention.

In addition to this, children with ADHD struggle with low self-esteem, poor school performance and problems relating socially.

In this post we bring you five activities with which you can work on your child’s attention, and with which you could help them improve and control their lack of concentration and hyperactivity.

Activities to work on attention

1. Putting puzzles together

This pastime will keep him busy for a while, if he is not very small you can buy the ones with many pieces (the pieces will be smaller according to the amount of pieces the puzzle has). It will work on attention, as well as memory.

2.         Classify objects

Whether by color, shape or size, you can mix them all and the child must separate them according to the instruction he receives. You can work on the difference in characteristics between objects, attention and concentration.

3. Alphabet soup

Whether he already reads or not, you can occupy him finding words or enclosing the vowels in circles, it is a good technique to work on concentration and teach him letters or words.

4. Turn-based games

Something that is very difficult for most children is to wait their turn, and it is good to encourage the habit of waiting either to talk, play or win. This type of games will teach them in the best way to respect the turns of others, games like dominoes, chess, monopoly, are of great help.

5.         Read a story

Encouraging children the habit of reading is beneficial in any way, but when there is attention deficit it is likely that they do not see it attractive. You can create routines before going to sleep and accompany them in reading in this way you guarantee that your little ones will be able to dedicate a few minutes every day to read.

Remember that early diagnosis, attention and accompaniment is essential, as it is likely that over the years the symptoms will slow down and your child will be able to manage their emotions, impulsivity and control their hyperactivity.

Avoid excessive screens, over stimulation and above all screaming. Dressing with patience every day will be the best motivation for them and for you, and do not forget that you as parents do not have to go through this alone, there are specialists and professionals ready to help.