One of the great ambitions of parents is to have children who eat everything, that they eat and stay healthy, parenthood carries a great responsibility, such a small being depends on us, and if you eat the right way we will ensure their health.

It is fashionable to hear phrases like “my child doesn’t like vegetables”, “he eats very little protein”, “he only eats pasta”, and a lot of other excuses, but the fact is that we are facing a generation that eats junk food, only some foods or simply hardly eats at all.

Here are 5 tips for your kids to eat everything you put on the table. We will show you how important it is for them to eat a healthy, varied diet and, most importantly, to ask for those foods themselves.

Are you ready, let’s get started

Recommendations for healthy eating.

These five tips are not the absolute rules, nor are they a magic formula, but they are the ways in which more and more mothers get their kids to eat everything and even ask for more. Be aware that this information will change their lives.

1.         Exclusive breastfeeding:

This is one of the best pieces of advice I received when I became a mother, at least for the first six months, this will provide the baby with everything he/she needs to prepare for full feeding. But if for any reason, you have not been able to breastfeed and the feeding is artificial (special formulas for babies) do not worry, the important thing is that you respect those first six months of exclusive breastfeeding.

2.         Complementary feeding begins at six months:

Before this time the baby’s stomach is not ready to receive solid foods, many of the failures in feeding are due to forcing the baby to eat early something that neither his palate nor his stomach can tolerate.

3. Teach by example:

When the little one sees his parents sit at the table and eat all the food, he will grow up with the perception that he should also eat everything on the table, but if he only sees us eat junk food, sweets or never see us eat, that will be the example to follow.

4.         Vary your diet:

The best diet is one where all food groups are included, teach your child to consume all kinds of foods as natural as possible, little salt, steamed, simple preparations are more successful than overly elaborate dishes.

5.         Allow your little one to experiment with food:

Let them grab vegetables with their little hands and learn about colors and flavors through food is the best learning experience for them.

Remember to always stay calm, some days will be better than others, they are in the process of learning and adapting, do not overflow, do not force them, teach with love, that for your children the experience of eating every day is something pleasant and not an hour of suffering.

Some last tips:

✔ Avoid giving them sweets and knick-knacks before eating.

✔ Avoid excessive consumption of sugars and junk foods.

Do not forget to keep them hydrated throughout the day, it is very important for the digestive processes.

Practice these tips and then tell us how it went, success and above all stay calm.