The first year of your baby’s life is a time of rapid development, sudden physical and emotional changes, and above all, exploration. One of the most important changes, and that for many mothers is also a source of concern, are the changes in feeding.

If the birthday of your little one is just around the corner, it is likely that you have arisen the doubt about what kind of food you can serve that can also enjoy your baby, or if you can eat the traditional birthday cake, if you have to look for alternatives or if there are certain ingredients that should be discarded within the cake. If you are in doubt about any of these issues, this is for you.

What can’t a 12-month-old baby eat?

The best way to start talking about baby food is to make it clear what a 12-month-old infant cannot eat yet, this to avoid any indigestion issues or something more serious.

Foods that a baby up to 12 months old cannot eat:

• Whole nuts

• Industrial cereals

• Chocolate (especially if they contain palm oil)

• Oily fish (tuna, pike, etc.)

• Honey

• Preserves and sausages

• Soft drinks and bottled juices

• Processed foods high in sugar (cookies, desserts, pastries, etc.)

• Slowly introduce solids, crushed at first, depending on how many solids they have consumed before their first year.

As you can see, there are fewer prohibitions for children who have completed their first year, but there should be some caution with foods that contain excesses of any kind, such as salt, sugar and minerals harmful to the little ones, as well as evaluating how much solid food they have been eating before 12 months of age.

This becomes relevant when we think about the types of foods typically served at a children’s birthday party, such as birthday cake, candy, and some heavy food like pizza. But in the case of your baby’s first birthday, it’s best to opt for healthier foods, such as a lighter alternative to a cake from your usual bakery, leave out the treats, and put together a meal that is in line with what your baby can eat.

What can my baby eat on his first birthday?

Now that it’s clear what a 12-month-old can’t eat, you can plan a meal that he or she may have eaten before and liked, and if it’s something that adults and maybe other babies can enjoy too, all the better.

As for the birthday cake, there are clearly more limitations, such as no chocolate, watch the sugar and nothing processed. The best option, clearly, is a homemade cake, with natural ingredients and taking care of the sugar, but, above all, that the birthday boy or girl only eats a small portion. Now, if baking is not your forte, you can always venture to look for a bakery with healthy alternatives or better yet, a baby bakery that fits the recommended diet for 12-month-olds.

A good decision will always be the healthiest one, and that doesn’t mean that the adults invited to the party can’t enjoy it, as a healthy cake and food option can be fun and delicious regardless of the food, but of course, your little one’s well-being always comes before anything else.