Pregnancy brings with it hormonal and body changes that can be overwhelming during the postpartum period. A common advice we get from other mothers is that we should girdle after giving birth to regain our figure. But to what extent is this true?

Our body is perfect, it knows exactly what to do after giving birth. Naturally, the body’s efforts will be concentrated on putting every organ and muscle back in place. Postpartum is not the best time to concentrate on the figure, just as it took us nine months to get to where we are, it is necessary to give our body time to get back to normal.

It is best to wait a couple of weeks to allow the uterus and abdominal muscles to settle physiologically into their post-pregnancy space. Remember that expectations of immediately returning to our pre-pregnancy body are unrealistic, each body is unique, some will return to their previous version effortlessly, others will change forever and require good nutrition and physical activity.

Doctors have divided opinions regarding the benefits of wearing a postpartum girdle, as for some its use can hinder the natural process of the muscles to return to their previous tone and place. For others, it can be helpful, especially because they provide support in the back area.

However, most experts agree on the type of girdle to use, with tubular girdles being the most appropriate, as they do not squeeze the crotch or pose a danger in the crotch area, where girdles with panties can cause an increase in temperature and therefore sweating. The tubular girdles are also adjustable and can adapt to the changes that day by day your abdomen will have.

Undoubtedly the use of girdles after pregnancy is a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. Changes in technology have led to an increase in the supply of them that now we can find them in all colors, styles, and materials. The decision to use them should preferably go hand in hand with the recommendation of your doctor who can determine whether it is necessary or not.

In general, girdles after pregnancy provide a sense of security, whether you have had a cesarean section and feel more support in the abdominal area, or your natural childbirth has left your abdomen a little out of place. You can try a couple of them to determine which one suits you best and their benefits, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable postpartum.