Postpartum comes into our lives with many surprises that we never imagined existed. Milk leaks from our bodies, sudden mood swings, sadness because we no longer have our baby inside us, and uncertainty because we don’t know if we will be able to take care of this new life.

But who said anything about disposable panties? That’s right, during the first few weeks after a delivery or C-section we experience vaginal secretions called lochia, and they can last for six to eight weeks postpartum. Postpartum pads are often the first choice for many women, but after getting up every two hours to feed your baby, rocking, sitting, walking, they can move out of place and stain your panties and clothes.

The best option to avoid such accidents are disposable panties, a great invention that will make your postpartum days more bearable. Due to the abundant lochia during the first week, a regular pad cannot collect all the fluid. If disposable panties get stained you won’t have to worry about washing or throwing away cloth ones.

Convenience may be another reason disposable panties are popular. The panties you used before pregnancy or during pregnancy may not be appropriate after a cesarean section or episiotomy. Instead, disposable panties because of their size have room not only for your swollen abdomen, but also for placing postpartum pads.

The composition of disposable postpartum panties is a great advantage for the wounds you may have after the birth of your baby. As they are made of 90% cotton, they will facilitate perspiration and healing after a cesarean section or episiotomy. Remember that it is not advisable to use underwear that is not made of cotton, nor the use of tampons or items containing cellulose or other absorbent components.

Finally, the practicality of disposable panties is one of the greatest advantages. Taking care of yourself and a newborn can be exhausting. Feeding countless times a day and through the night, diapering, bathing, and cooing will be enough to add on top of the chore of washing and unwrapping cloth panties.

As mothers we must prioritize our day’s activities, and sometimes delegate or find a practical alternative to have enough time to rest or dedicate to our personal care, such as having a cup of tea, enjoying a series, or going for a walk.