Something that my grandmother tells me a lot is that the greatest care in babies during the winter lies in the type of clothing that is used. She likes to be with me in this winter time, which I love, since in addition to being able to learn a lot from her, she helps me with the care of my children, especially the youngest who is still a baby. That is why today I want to share with you her advice and everything she teaches me in this cold season to take good care of the little ones.

How should I dress them?

Faced with the appropriate clothing to wear, my grandmother recommends that it be very easy to remove and put on, hopefully they do not have buttons or many seams, the bodysuit option is perfect because it allows you to put on and remove very easily, the fibers of The clothes must be natural with a pleasant touch, soft, comfortable and that absorb moisture from the skin, such as cotton, this will allow that when placing coats or blankets, the baby does not suffer from discomfort but rather feels comfortable.

To try to equalize the heat that babies produce, with clothes and coats, he recommends that when acquiring them, they be made of fabrics that allow adequate perspiration, since colds also tend to occur after having sweated.

Necessary care:

In the case of babies, it is not very easy for them to properly regulate their body temperature since they have difficulty in keeping warm in cold weather. So it is important to identify the body heat level of children regularly, for example, the appearance of the skin should be checked, constantly touching the nape of the neck to feel its temperature level, if when touched, the hands and feet are cold, no there is reason to worry since this condition is normal in them, although it is better to find a way that their hands and feet are protected from the cold since colds can be acquired by the feet, hands or ears, these parts being one of the most sensitive.


-Earmuffs can be a good option to protect babies’ ears, especially the middle ear, which is often affected by cold days and strong temperature changes.

-Using the “layering technique” is the most effective, using different layers of light clothing, between garments, allows air to circulate isolating body heat, helping babies adapt to the degree of heat generated by the clothes put on.

-If babies show restlessness or discomfort and their breathing changes, becoming faster and faster, immediate measures should be taken, previously determining if it is due to cold by checking their temperature level.

-When it is time to sleep, try that the temperature of the room is an average of 20 ° to 22 °, the crib should have a sheet that fits the mattress properly, with cool and comfortable pajamas that cover your feet, if there is no good temperature in the room, it is recommended to use baby bags that keep the face uncovered and do not need attached coats.

-Caps are best avoided when sleeping since babies sweat out of their heads, so it will not benefit them at bedtime.